Mission Vision and Goals


  • To develop  socially  responsible, qualitative, employable and culturally  motivated students with ethical values through socially relevant educational methods
  • To develop  socially  responsible ,qualitative, employable and   empowerment of women


  • To root out the evil of gender discrimination by laying stress on equal  opportunities  for women
  • To ensure effective teaching/learning/evaluation methods
  • To make sincere efforts towards personality development leading to competence, self-reliance and social accountability
  • To meet the educational requirements of the ever changing social needs
  • To ensure total quality in all aspects of governance and leadership
  • To achieve academic excellence by hard work  and innovative methods
  • To raise to the expectations of the government, students and stakeholders
  • To strengthen community-oriented activities and programmes
  • To inculcate scientific temper among the students
  • To improve physical and mental infrastructure to make education meaningful and fruitful


The college wishes to impart quality higher education by making use of the existing physical and mental infrastructure in an effective and innovative manner. It strives hard to achieve academic excellence by hard work, devotion and discipline .The results of the college reflect the sincere efforts of the faculty in achieving the desired goals and ives. It also would like to introduce innovative methods in the process of teaching and learning. The process of reaccreditation during the academic year 2010-2011 from NAAC enables the college to further strengthen its academic and administrative aspects to satisfy the stakeholders. The ever-growing college with its social responsibility would like to follow the principle of service to enhance its reputation among academic circles. The contribution made by the college to extra curricular activities is significant .The college has designed various means and methods to provide excellent opportunities to display various talents and skills of the students to promote personality development. The college has effectively  implemented the “HOSA HEJJE” program introduced by the Department of Collegiate Education in an effective manner to achieve the desired goals with great success.


Institutional Distinctiveness

With a view to foster learning beyond classroom, the institution creates sensitivity among the students to respond towards society

by involving themselves in community development and extension programmes. Distinctive to the institutions vision which strives

to place of highest repute and produce good educated citizens who shall strive for the needs of mankind. The institute has undertaken

wide range of development extension programmes. The involvement participation of students in responding to the community

developmental needs, it has installed students of self-reliance, discipline, timely response to need based, sense of moral values, ethics,

respect to others and above all being good humans.

Inspiring and Confidence building; Create Sensitivity among the Students.

Empowerment of Women through Quality Education


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    Updated on 07/05/2015

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