Vision Mission and Goals


  • To develop socially responsible, qualitative, employable and culturally motivated empowered young women for self progress.


  1. To root out the evil of gender discrimination by laying stress on equal  opportunities  for women
  2. To ensure effective teaching/learning/evaluation methods
  3. To make sincere efforts towards personality development leading to competence, self-reliance and social accountability
  4. To ensure total quality in all aspects of governance and leadership
  5. To strengthen scientific community-oriented activities and programs


  • Learning to assume responsibility for stakeholders. 
  • Performing valuable public service.
  • Improving problem-solving abilities, collaboration skills.
  • Obtaining experience in working with someone from another culture.
  • Understanding the relationship between theory, fact and evidence.
  • Exploring professional value choices , responsibility, Skill training, and Enhance creativity.
  • Learning to exercise authority, 
  • Academic excellence
  • Human resource development, optimal utilization the existing infrastructure
  • Socially responsible citizens 
  • Resource generation
  • Introduction of innovative and creative methods in all academic and administrative spheres
  • New initiatives towards research and development
  • Effective governance, enhancement faculty development programs and student support services.



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