Green Campus Initiatives

It is the responsibility of organizations to conduct Green Audits of their ongoing processes for a variety of reasons, including ensuring that they are performing in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, improving procedures and material capability, analyzing potential duties, and determining a way to reduce costs and increase revenue. Green Audit provides instructions on how to enhance the state of the environment, and there are several elements that have influenced the rise of Green Audit.

Green Audit is allocated to NAAC's Criteria 7, which is a self-governing Indian body that certifies institutions as Grade 'A,' Grade 'B,' or Grade 'C' based on the scores awarded at the time of accreditation.

Green Audit is being held with the goal of improving the environment in and around institutes, universities, businesses, and other organizations. It is carried out by completing duties such as trash management, energy conservation, and others in order to become a more environmentally friendly institution.

Goals of Green Audit:

  • • The goal of doing a Green Audit is to protect the environment and reduce the risks to human health.
  • • To ensure that laws and regulations are followed.
  • • To avoid environmental disruptions, which are more difficult to handle and demand a large cost of rectification.
  • • To recommend the finest practices for contributing to long-term growth.

Benefits of Green Audit:

  • • It would help to protect the environment
  • • It would highlight current and future issues
  • • It would authenticate compliance with the implemented laws
  • • It would empower organizations to improve their environmental performance
  • • It would portray a positive image of a company, which would aid in the development of better relationships with a group of stakeholders
  • • It would increase awareness of environmental guidelines and responsibilities


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