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Best Practice 1: Blood Donation camp

Human blood is universally recognized as the most precious and essential element of human life. The collection of blood from voluntary non- remunerated blood donors is an important measure for ensuring the availability and safe blood transfusion. Adequate and safe blood supply is demanding challenge in India.

              The Government First Grade College and PG centre is unique for a social cause that the institution is always contributes for the society. In this regard Youth Red cross unit collects and donates blood twice in a year. The institutional Youth red Cross Unit in collaboration with Indian red Cross Society Blood bank Chikballapur,in the first phase (2018-19) of academic year dated 18-9-2019 collected 121 units of blood. The various wings of the college like NCC, NSS,scouts and guides,students,teachers and public donated blood. This programme is organized successfully every year.

Beat Practice 2: Maintenance of environment friendly campus

A green campus is a place where environment friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus. A significant economic benefit of going green is that it helps to lower the costs and save money. Use of renewable energy helps to reduce energy consumption which inturn helps to save money used on electricity bills. An apparent benefit of going green is that it helps to reduce water and power bills significantly.

             The college has environment friendly green campus. It has taken the initiatives to make the campus eco-friendly. The campus has lots of perennial and seasonal plant species. The institution regularly maintains these plant species.

  • The campus is swatch one.
  • Green audit is in progress.
  • The campus is plastic free.
  • The campus is tobacco free zone.
  • All chemical fertilizers are replaced by bio-fertilizers.
  • Rain water harvesting is done in the campus.

NSS unit of the college undertakes various activities like campus cleaning drive and strives to bring environmental awareness.


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