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Government First Grade College,

Shettikere road, Chikkanayakanahalli.

Pin code: 572214, Tumkur, District

Phone: 08133267125

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Principal's Desk
The purpose of education is to create skill and knowledge and awareness of our glorious national heritage and the achievements of human civilization, possessing a basic, scientific outlook and commitment to the ideals of patriotism, democracy, secularism, socialism, peace and principles enunciated in the preamble of our constitution.
Higher education should produce leaders of the society and should enable them to achieve success in all areas of activities with a commitment to the aforesaid ideals.
Higher education should strive for academic excellence and the program of “all faculties and branches of knowledge”. Education, research and extension should be conducted in conformity with the national needs and priorities and ensure that the best talents make a beneficial contribution to international peace and progress.
The two basic essential requirements of the nation owe education and health without which we can never grow into a healthy nation. Our mission is to develop a free, healthy, enlightened society and to promote the principles of the national integration, social justice, secularism and democratic way of life

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