We have collected Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of our college by discussing with the staff members. And we have held an informal meeting with the old students. We have also gathered the related information by the existing students and their parents.


  1. The college is funded by the Government.
  2. Well qualified and experienced teaching faculty and non-teaching staff
  3. Decentralized administration by establishing cells namely, Exam Committee, Women Empowerment Cell, SC/ST Cell, Career Guidance Cell, Anti Ragging Cell, Youth Red Cross and NSS
  4. The college has a good library facility with 4017 books for existing strengths.
  5. The college has effective N.S.S. Unit.
  6. Women Empowerment cell, Placement cell are in existence.
  7. The college has two Ph.D., Teacher
  8. Well-equipped ICT enabled classrooms
  9. Providing education to rural down trodden girl students
  10. Basic amenities viz. toilets, restrooms and drinking water
  11. Community participatory activities through NSS, Youth Red Cross, Ranger and Rovers
  12. Well-equipped Computer Lab
  13. Encourages students innate talent through cultural activities
  14. Opportunity for sports activities


  1.  Lack of Own building
  2. Lack of English language lab.


  1.  Easily accessible to rural SC, ST, and OBC Students to get higher education.
  2. Promotes awareness, perceptions, culture, value and choice.
  3. Promotes awareness about rural problems.
  4. Trains students in various skill developmental programs
  5. To get more grants for infrastructure developments.
  6. To get more financial assistances from UGC
  7. To enrol names for Doctoral and post doctoral programs by the faculty
  8. To publish more books
  9. To present papers in state, National and international seminars.
  10. To publish more research articles in national and international journals.
  11. To improve the result.


  1.  Easily accessible distance education.
  2. Competition between rural and urban students.
  3. Parents opt their children to get job oriented technical education.
  4. Many degree colleges existing nearby our college in circumference of   0.5-3 KMs.

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