1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty.

2. Trained and experienced non-teaching staff.

3. Strategically located and well-connected campus with a healthy student-teacher ratio.

4. Collaborative and supportive College Development Council, Alumni Association, and Parent-Teacher Association.

5. 24-hour CCTV surveillance and access to clean drinking water.

6. Proximity to essential facilities such as hospitals, police stations, railway stations, bus stations, and the airport.

7. ICT-enabled classrooms 8. Well equipped digitalised Library with N-List subscription and remote access.

9. Shared incubation centre with the P.U. college functioning in the same campus.


1. Inadequate infrastructure facilities.

2. A dearth of non-academic personnel.

3. A pronounced attrition rate of students.

4. The recurrent shuffling of both pedagogical and administrative personnel.

5. A substantial portion of our student body is drawn from the disadvantaged and marginalized strata of society.

6. A constrained mastery of the English language pervades the student populace.


1. Anticipated establishment of a state-of-the-art campus replete with extensive amenities.

2. Capacity to allure a larger student body by means of upgraded infrastructure and a diversified array of academic offerings.

3. Implementation of interdisciplinary and industry-aligned curricula congruent with contemporary educational paradigms.

4. Prospective enhancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and digital learning infrastructure.

5. Viability for forging additional Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and fostering synergistic industry partnerships.

6. Prospect of obtaining autonomous status, symbolizing institutional self-sufficiency and academic prowess.

7. Knowledge-driven pedagogy facilitated by continuous student engagement, facilitated by the deployment of a Learning Management System (LMS) endorsed by the Directorate of College Education (DCE) - Karnataka Government.


1. Infrastructure constraints.

2. Competition from newly established private colleges.








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