Online Public Access Catalogue (WEB OPAC)

                The library catalogue is a form of bibliographic database (a database of library resources such as books containing details about them like title, author, publisher etc.) that describes information resources available in a specific library. It helps users to identify, select and locate resources. In pre-computer times, library books were indexed in card catalogs which were cabinets of drawers of index cards: author cards, title cards, and subject cards. Today, this information is available in digital format – the online public access catalog (OPAC) – that allows for searching not only by author, title, or subject, but by identification number or keyword, 

         An online library catalog is an electronic bibliographic database that describes the books,  periodicals, CDs etc. carried by a particular library. It is an electronic version of  the library card catalog which is printed or hand-written. Web OPAC is a catalog for searching online. It provides direct access to a library’s bibliographic database by means of a computer or mobile phone. It is used in the Library Management System and makes searching for library items easy. It is accessible via the World Wide Web or simply called as ‘Web”. It allows for independent search using Title, Author, and keywords etc.


WEB OPAC of library of this college can be accessed by clicking the following:



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