1.1  All issue and discharge of books will be done across the library counter. Students can enter the library hall for the purpose reference, book selection and for other enquiries.

1.2  No book should be taken out of the library without proper borrowing.

1.3  Students should avoid making noises/disturbances in the library.

1.4  Students are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them.



 2.1  Borrowing of books facility is available to the students. For book borrowing purpose, library issue registers are  prepared and maintained by the library at the commencement of each academic year after proper registration of the students.

2.2  Students at the time of borrowing should ensure that the books that they intend to borrow is in good physical condition, bears no pen/pencil markings and all the pages are intact. In case of any such condition, students should bring the same to the notice of the librarian and get the same attested, failing which the borrower shall be held responsible for the damage/mutilation/missing pages if noticed at the time of returning.

2.3  Duration of borrowing is 15 days. Students have to return the books on or before the date that is specified. Late fee of Re.1/- will be levied for each book for each day in case of non-returning within the specified date.

2.4  At the end of 15 days, books can be renewed if there are no demands for them by other students. Borrower has to bring the books physically to the library for renewal. Such a renewal will be done for a maximum of 2 times. For  further borrowing there should be at least 15 days gap.

2.5  Books marked as ‘Reference’ will not be issued. Students have to make use of the reference books in the library/reference hall only.

2.6  All the borrowed books will have to be returned at the end of the semester examinations.

2.7  Students must compulsorily return the books at the end of the semester examinations. In case of failure, a special late fee of Rs.2/- per book for each day will be levied.

2.8  Students are held responsible for all books issued on their names until the books are returned by them.

2.9  Books borrowed by any student may be recalled by the Librarian any time and they should be returned within 24 hours or within the period specified in such communication.



 3.1  Library books can be borrowed/returned during working days and working hours of the college.



 4.1   The number of library books that can be borrowed by each student for each academic year/ semester is indicated below:

                   For 1st year (I & II Semesters):     2 books

                   For 2nd year (III & IV Semesters): 2 books

                   For 3rd year (V & VI Semester):     3 books

 4.2  For students belonging to SC/ST Communities, extra books procured under SC/ST special grants will be issued as long term loan.



 5.1  Every student borrowing library books shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of the same in an undamaged manner. The student must not mutilate library books by marking, underlining, removing/tearing page(s) or    portions of pages, removing binding or in any other way damage or deface library materials.

5.2  Violation of the above rule will be viewed very seriously. Such students violating the above rule will have to replace the book with a new one in addition to fine which might be imposed. If the book is out of print or unavailable, students will have to pay a minimum of double the cost of the book which may also be enhanced under special circumstances like ‘out of print’.  Apart from this, their library cards will be confiscated and borrowing facility will be withdrawn for them permanently.



 6.1  Every student who loses the book must report the fact in writing to the Library immediately and the student will be given 15 days time for finding and returning the book. In case the student fails to return the book after 15 days from the date of reporting, the student will be charged a fine of Re. 1/- per day per book till replacement of lost book with a new one.

6.2  If the book is out of print or unavailable, students will have to or bear its cost usually 2 times the price which may also be enhanced under special circumstances like ‘out of print’.

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