About Alumni

About Alumni

The institution has an active Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is very functional and it will be registered in the near future. The Alumni Association meets once in a year. In alumni meet the coordinator present the annual report of activities conducted in the institution and also receives valuable suggestions for the overall development of the students and institution. The Alumni are invited to share their opinion regarding preparation for the competitive exams, their difficulties in finding job, requirements of the present job market, regarding career planning and other academic issues with the current learners. The alumni members visit college whenever they feel free and talk to students about their work experience and job market. The Alumni have a very good rapport with the institution and the coordinator. They are willing to provide reference to the present students in finding job. The alumni involve themselves not only in academic growth of the students but also on providing exposure to the students through various activities pertaining to cultural fests, NSS and sports. The alumni community always keeps in touch with the college and is a close and well-knit body that always has the growth of the organization as its major concern.They submit usefull things for college,like photos, bulletin board etc. The financial involvement of alumni association is planned in the near future.
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