Student Centric Activities

Texts and chapters to be discussed in the class are distributed among the students and a participative learning is encouraged. The students are assigned with seminars which are moderated by the faculty members and the students are encouraged to take part actively in the seminar sessions. The students are also assigned with field study and field visit which will expose them to the practical aspects of academic issues. Case study approach is also followed to address cases. Most of the class are made an interactive class as the students are made to participate directly or indirectly as the students are motivated to sit with “why” in the class. This concept of “why” will make them critically evaluated the topics delivered in each session. Study trip are also arranged to the students in which they issues related to running of an industry.

Based on the field visit student has to submit the report which in turn make them improve their writing skill. Teacher is a more a facilitator and not a dictator of notes. They are encouraged to read newspapers and magazines and encouraged to present paper on burning issues it helps them to get up –to –date knowledge. Some of the teachers take up the problem faced by the student. Individual attention is given. Their learning process is regulated and monitored by the teachers

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