For Teaching and Non Teaching

Code of Conduct for Teachers and Non-Teaching

  1. The Teachers of the Institution is strictly instructed to abide by the Following duties regarding
    • Following College Time Table
    • Rendering administrative help
    • Library Utilization
    • Timings
  1. To Maintain Work diary and Attendance Compulsorily.
  2. Mobile Strictly not to be used in the Classroom and labs.
  3. To Maintain Healthy Atmosphere in the College Campus.
  4. To preach and teach what they Practice.
  5. To Practice what they preach and teach.
  6. Giving due importance to research and extension activities.
  7. Impartial Treatment to Student Not to discriminate on the Basic Caste, Sex, Creed etc.
  8. Internal taste /Semester Exam to be Conducting Strictly according to University guideline.
  9. Not to indulge in Antisocial and illegal activities.

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