Mission Vision and Goals


  • To become an institution for social transformation by providing higher education to rural youths especially for economically and socially backward communities. To strive excellence in general education by providing quality education.
  • To rural youths in the field of Arts, Commerce, Management and Science. Making rural youths academically, socially competent by instilling knowledge, skills and values in order to make them responsible citizens of India.
  • To mould the young generation to be compassionate to all living creatures committed to values of Indian culture and conclusively contribute to the welfare of the mankind. To foster leadership qualities and to provide an opportunity for integral growth of personality of the rural youths.


Our Vision is "To become  an  Institution for  social transformation, strive  for  excellence  in  education, to  bring  Social  Justice,  make  students  academically competent, compassionate to all living creatures, committed  to  the human values of   Indian   culture   and thereby   conclusively   contribute to the  welfare   of Mankind".



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