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The mission statements of the college define specific tasks of the college to  realize the vision. The mission statements are given below. :-

  1. To encourage the creative participation of the students in all the  activities  of   the college and make them learn by experience.
  2. To promote the research attitude among the students and teachers.
  3. To sustain quality by using all the available technologies and strive for excellence and make the institution accountable to all the stake holders.
To initiate and to implement the student oriented programmes of the government and other agencies effectively       


  1. To provide socially and economically weaker sections of the community to pursue higher education at affordable cost.
  2. To provide platform for exploring the talents and creativity of students and the   faculty.
  3. To facilitate all round growth of the students.
  4. To inculcate social awareness, environmental consciousness, leadership qualities and patriotism among the students.
  5. To partner the society in its effective functioning
  6. To facilitate research and development activities.


The Vision of the college is to see the students from all the sections of the society to to out of the college getting the full benefit of higher education and become employers as well as employable and become the real resources to the society and the country.

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