Vision, Mission and Goals


            “To be a Center of Excellence for the Educational Needs of the Rural Students”.


  • To provide a quality education that enables them empowered economically.
  • To inculcate a spirit of hard work and dedication.
  • To nurture them with passion and compassion towards achievement and society respectively.
  • To create socially responsible citizens who oblige to constitutional values.
  • To train them with employable skills to face the future competition in the job market.
  • To provide a conducive academic environment to all the institute inmates to foster intellectual growth.
  • To nurture students so that they live with compassion, solitude, and peace in this volatile environment.
  • To impart human values, societal values, and constitutional values for the betterment of students well being.
  • To impart equality, fraternity, and integrity, to uphold the morals, ethics, and dignity of life.
  • To infuse the curiosity and inquisitiveness among students for elevating them in intellectual capabilities.
  • To provide broad exposure in terms of experiential learning by exposing them to real-time practices and societal problems.
  • To encourage best practices adoption in curricula and extra-curricula for community development.
  • To enhance innovative practices in order to empower students to understand the solve problems and perils of society.


  • To achieve the hundred percent results in university examinations from all streams.
  • To empower students socially, economically, and technically by imparting quality education and assisting in placement.
  • To impart English communication skills in order to elevate them to face the current completion.
  • To make students take up competitive examinations by providing the necessary resources.
  •  To achieve hundred percent results in university semester-end examinations. 
  • To  ensure students are progressed to placements and higher education
  • To create entrepreneurs by imparting entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.
  • To enhance employable skills among students to achieve more number of placements 
  • To collaborate with NGOs and Personality development centers to enrich institutions for academic endeavors.