Extended Profile Deviations



2.1 2.2 2.3


4.1 4.2 4.3 & 4.4

Metric Level Deviations

  Criterion 1 : Curricular Aspects 
  1.1.3               Participation of teachers in curriculum development
  1.2.1     Number of Programmes in which CBCS/ Elective course system implemented
  1.2.2     How many Add on /Certificate programs are offered within the last 5 years.
  1.2.3     Number of students enrolled in subject related Certificate or Add-on programs year wise during last five years
  1.4.1 & 1.4.2
  Criterion 2 : Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
  2.1.1     Number  of students admitted year-wise during last five years
  2.1.2     Number of actual students admitted from the reserved categories year wise during last five years
  2.2.2     Student- Full time teacher ratio
  2.3.3     Ratio of students to mentor for academic and other related issues
  2.4.1     Average percentage of full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the last five years
  2.4.2     Number of full time teachers with Ph. D. year wise during the last five years
  2.4.3     Total experience of full-time teachers
  2.6.3     Average pass percentage of Students during last five years
  Criterion 3: Research , Invovation and Extension
  3.1.1    Grants received from government & non-government agencies
  3.1.2    Percentage of  departments having Research projects  funded by government and non government agencies
  3.2.1    Number of  papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years

   Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international

  conference proceedings per teacher


   Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC, Government and

   Government recognised bodies


   Average percentage of students participating in extension activities


   Number of   functional MoUs with national and international institutions,  universities, industries, corporate houses etc.

  Criterion 4 : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  4.1.3    Percentage of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, etc.
  4.1.4    Average percentage of expenditure, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation
  4.2.4    Percentage per day usage of library by teachers and students
  4.3.2    Student - Computer ratio
  4.4.1    Expenditure incurred on maintainance of infrastructure
  Criterion 5: Student support and progression
  5.1.1    Average percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government
  5.1.2    Average percentage of students benefitted by scholarships, freeships etc. provided by the institution
  5.1.3    Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives  taken by the institution

   Students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the Institution

  5.2.3    Students qualifying in various examinations
  5.3.1    Number of awards/ medals won by students
  Criterion 6 : Governance, Leadership and Management
  6.3.2    Teachers provided with financial support
  Criterion 7 : Institutuional values and best practices
  7.1.2    Facilities for alternate source of energy
  7.1.5    Green campus initiatives
  7.1.7    Institution has disabled friendly , barrier free environment

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