About Library

About Library

Access to information is a vital key in developing the individual’s potentiality. GFGC, Bangaru Tirupathi has provided a good library consisting good number of books and adequate number Journals. All the latest editions of books both for reference and text are available in this library. It is also subscribes to various newspaper and periodicals for the information and update of their knowledge. The intervention of Information Technology has provided a great gap in the case of Library automation services. The Library is computerized with all the features of library management system.


  • To build up a comprehensive and up to date need based collection of books, and journals in the disciplines taught and researched in our college.
  • To organize the conventional and non-conventional information sources in the systematic manner in order to provide efficient and services to the end users. 
  • To disseminate information by issuing documentation lists and other Current Awareness Services for the benefit of teachers, researchers and students to keep them updated with the latest developments in their areas of their interest. 
  • To promote the reading habits of students and faculty of the college.
  •  To enter in to an area of Information Communication Technology using Computer applications for quick and speedy information storage and retrieval.
  • To join resources sharing activities of UGC through Network resource centers.



Every library should have a set of rules and regulations. The Library rules and regulations are prepared by the Librarian and get the approval of the Library Advisory Committee, and sanction by the Library Authority if so desired. The Rules and Regulations might also specific on the basis nature of institution, type of users, collection etc. These rules and regulations may be revised from time to time depending upon the occasions like examination, users’ requests, changing technologies, etc.  The general rules and regulations of any type library are all most same in thier nature. 

1.      Library Working Days and Hours

a)      On Working Days:

Generally, the college library shall remain open to the students and staff

Monday to Friday:  10:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM

b)     On Holidays:

The library will remain closed on Holidays as is declared by the Government; comprising National, Gazetted and Local holidays.

 2.    Limitation of Books/Documents for Faculty and Students:

  i.   Students can borrow two books at a time.

  ii.   Full-time teaching faculty can borrow at a time six books and ten books for those who involved in research activities.

  iii. Book Bank books can be issued as per Book Bank scheme norms/the availability of books. 


The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all users and to enable the Library to carry out its functions smoothly and as efficiently as possible. The users are required to follow these rules as strictly as possible and the failure to observe these rules on the part of the users of the library might lead to cancellation of the membership of library and the user may be deprived of all services of the library and in some cases he/she may be prohibited from entering the library. As a general and strict rule, the users are advised to handle the documents with great care within and outside the library, as they are costly, precious in nature, and are expected for future users. The other rules are;

A.  Admission to Library:

i)    Every Registered/Admitted student of the college and the Staff appointed (permanent and/or temporary) by the college is entitle to become the member of the library and is so admitted to the library

ii)   Each prospective member shall fill-in an admission form

iii)  Each member after admission shall be provided with a membership card and/or Borrower’s card or both.

iv)  All such persons are allowed admission to the library, provided that the Librarian may at her discretion and as a general rule refuse admission if he considers a person either of unsound mind, intoxicated or shabbily/indecently dressed.  The decision of the Librarian or of any officer of the library in the absence of the Librarian shall be final in this matter.

B.  Entry to the Library

i)  The Students should carry the College Identity Card/Library Membership card with them at all time inside the Library and should present the same when demanded by the library staff and it is compulsory to deposit the borrowers card at the time of borrowing the books.

ii)  Library users should enter his/her name, course, semester time-in and time-out in the Register maintained at the entrance of the library and it is a mandatory requirement.

iii)   All personal belongings, such as books, bags, coat/jersey, umbrella, personal files, Xerox material that does not belong to the library must be deposited in the security (Library) counter at the entrance of the library.

iv) The personal books, Xeroxed and printed loose papers are not allowed inside the library.

v) The library may allow personal books or some of the above material for study inside the library if convinced, but the same has to be recorded on slip and the handed over to the library staff at the Issue Counter and checked out again while leaving the library by the respective user.

C. Lending of Books

i)  All Registered users are entitled to borrow books and other reading materials from the library, as per the rules and regulations prescribed and d for the said purpose.

ii) Books are lent for the Teaching staff till end of the semester and for students period of a Fortnight (fifteen days) in the first instance and if required, the same can be renewed further for one more period of a Fortnight each and thus no books will be allowed to be kept with a member beyond thirty days.

iii)  However the terms and period of lending of books to the users can be decided by the Librarian/Library Advisory Committee as per the needs of the library and users.

iv)  The books may be renewed if the same are not in demand or are not reserved by other readers. The renewal will be done generally on the physical presentation of the books, but in special cases, renewals by post, telephone or by other means of communication may be allowed by the Librarian.

v)  However in case of a need, the books lent to the users are likely to be recalled before the expiry of period of loan.

vi) Books and other reading materials are lent to the users against the Borrowers Card issued to them, and the same is deposited in the library counter in lieu of the borrowed item.

vii) Reference books, rare books, unbound periodicals and books of fine arts may not   be issued generally except with the written permission of the Librarian.

viii) Library cards are not transferable: The borrower card holders should come   personally to borrow the books and the authorization/proxy is not allowed.

ix)  The librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of book to any member or he may recall any book without assigning any reason for that matter.

viii) The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior of misconduct by the users of the library.

ix)   Book Bank books can be issued as per Book Bank scheme norms/the availability of books.

D. General Discipline in the Library and Library Premises:

i)  All readers are required to maintain perfect silence and discipline in the library.

The position of the chairs and tables should not be changed or displaced.

ii)  Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the library. Smoking is not permitted in the library. Mobile phones should be switched off when carried inside the library. If found ringing the same can be confiscated by the library staff.

iii)  Pets such as dogs, cats, etc… shall not be admitted to the library.

iv)  No reader is allowed to sleep in the library premises.

v)  The readers shall behave in a civilized manner.  The Librarian may expel any   person if he/she is liable to create law and order situation inside the library.

vi)  The readers are liable for punishment, fine if they either misbehave or might recover the cost to the damages to any property of the library.

vii)  No visitor or guest is permitted to use the Library without the prior permission of the Librarian. If a visitor wishes to use the library for a longer period, he/she is required obtained permission to do so, and produce a proper introduction letter from the concerned Institution/Organization or a personal authority if he/she is not a member of such an organization or institute

viii)  No photograph of the Library shall be taken without the prior permission of the Librarian.

E. No Dues Certificate (NDC/NOC):

i) The Teachers should obtain No-dues certificate from the library after returning of all library books/documents; and surrender the borrowers cards in the cases where the teaching staff retires/resigns/deputation/transferred.

ii) The student should obtain No-Dues Certificate from the library after returning of all library books/documents; before the commencement of examination EVEN semester end OR at the time of admission to ODD (Third/Fifth) semester and surrender the borrowers cards after completion of course/Living the college/Transfer to other college.  

iii) The Office should ensure that the user has obtained the No Dues Certificate from the Library before relieving him/her or while issuing the certificates (Marks Sheet, Passing Certificate, Convocation Certificate, Transfer Certificate and etc.).


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