Vision Mission and Goals


To impart Quality and Skill based Education to the Students who come from poor socio-economic rural background.


To equip the rural youth with necessary skills and acumen to become socially responsive, economically productive and responsible citizens of the Nation’

⦁ Globally employable

⦁ Socially responsible for sustainable Development

⦁ utmost priority to National Integration

⦁ Socially responsible for sustainable Development

⦁ Quality Centric


⦁ To create curricular and Non-curricular environment for the rural students.

⦁ To help the students to face global challenges and encourage them to success

⦁ To provide value education to students, help them to learn life skill, job skill and soft skills.

⦁ To encourage weaker sections to come the main stream through education

⦁ To create best environment for the students and help them to become society friendly.

⦁ To update the student’s scientific thought and thinking process.

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