Programme outcomes for all Programmes offered by the institution


Name of the Programme

Programme Outcomes

B. Com

  1. Students will be ready for employment in areas like accounting, taxation, banking and companies. 

  2. Learners will gain knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, finance, auditing and marketing which is very much useful for employment opportunities for present job market.

  3. Students also acquire skills to work as tax consultants, audit assistants and other financial supporting services.

  4. Students have choices to pursue professional courses like CA, M.Com. MBA, ICWAI, ACS etc,

  5. Students are able to play roles of businessman, entrepreneur, managers, which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills.


  1. English is a global language which helps the individual both personally and professionally. 

  2. To motivate rural students to learn English as a medium to explore the world. 

  3. Studying English can help a person to get a job and his ability to relate to people from other countries and cultures

  4. English is the language of media the internet and the business world.

  5. English language enhances the students to develop communications skills, both verbal and non-verbal

  6. Enabling English language as a medium of instruction helps the students gain confidence to face the world and leads to holistic development.


This Course aims to helps the students to learn kannada for day to day transactions with ease and confidence.

Its imparts the knowledge in language and kannada literature to the learner and equip them with the skills to meet the challenges in the field of kannada

  1. To impart and motivate them to learn the State language with ease and confidence thus enabling better communication skills.

  2. To orient and enhance the knowledge of the languages basics and grammar. The bridge course sessions are conducted by the language department

  3. To develop and sharpen interpersonal and communication skills

  4. To train the students effectively in the learning process of kannada language and literature

  5. To enable the learners with the history, evaluation, literary movement and development of literary forms in kannada literature to inculcate the ethical values of life.

BA - History

  1. Learn a basic narrative of historical events in a specific region of the world in a specific time

  2. Distinguish between primary and secondary sources

  3. Understand and evaluate different historical ideas, various arguments, and points of view.

  4. Compile a composite bibliography

Articulate factual and contextual knowledge of specific places and times, to make careful comparisons (across time, space, and culture) and to discern how each generation (including theirs) uses the past for present purposes.

BA - Economics

1.To cater to the manpower needs of Public, Private and Cooperative sector of the Economy.

2. To develop the economic analysis for companies, money and Capital markets.

3. To prepare students to take up the higher education to become social scientist, researchers and teachers with core competencies.

4. To develop human resource to undertake entrepreneurship

BA - Political Science

  1. Differentiate among multiple political science perspectives (ideologies, theories) from a range of written or spoken genres.

  2. Evaluate contemporary issues in light of different research methods and theories of Comparative Politics.

  3. Apply International Politics theoretical works to contemporary cases.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to outline and defend a vision of politics in areas such as justice, democracy, community, or freedom by means of persuasive writing for a specific audience.

  5. Critically evaluate U.S. law, policy or power dynamics.

BA - Sociology

  1. The Department  of Sociology aims at developing value based ideological perspective and prepare the students to understand the practical issues of the society

  2. The Faculty also aims at producing efficient students to serve in different fields of the society.

  3. The department of sociology intends to sensitize students to the social realities, issues and problems of contemporary society.

  4. It also attempts to orient students with skills to manage their society and professional life

  5. To enhance social awareness and responsibilities of the students by community oriented activities.

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