Code of Conduct for students

Code of Conduct for Students

1.    Students should be punctual to the classes. Attendance is compulsory. If a student fails to get 75% of attendance. He/she is not eligible to appear for the examination, as per the university rule.
2.    Students should attend the daily assembly/prayer.
3.    Students should maintain discipline and decency in their dress.
4.    Students are advised to make better use of all facilities available in our college library and reading room. Avoid wandering in the corridor.
5.    Student should maintain cleanliness both in class room and campus.
6.    It is mandatory to participate in all the programmes conducted by our college.
7.    Ragging is strictly prohibited.
8.    Students can visit office only in the prescribed period. Polite behaviour is expected from the students.
9.    Students should see the college notice board everyday for information.
10.    Students are eligible for various scholarships as per government rules.
11.    Use of cell phones by students is prohibited.
12.    Students should not damage any of the college property.
13.    Students should not involve in unwanted/unhealthy/illegal activities.
14.    Students should uphold the dignity of the institution.


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