Mission Vision and Goals


"Unstinted commitment to the needs of the students"

The College is a comprehensive higher education institution committed to excellence in teaching and learning. The College is committed to responding to the educational needs of its changing Society and to providing opportunities for enhancing knowledge, skills, and values in a supportive learning environment.


“Educating rural youth to be competent and compassionate to take on the challenges of contemporary socio - economic, cultural and political set up”

Educating a large section of rural youths, providing an opportunity on Socially equitable footing and molding youth of both competence and Compassion who could successfully take on the challenges of contemporary Socio - economic, cultural and political set up


  • To provide quality educational experiences that help students achieve their educational and career goals
  • To increase access to higher education
  • To create and share responsibility for maintaining an institutional culture
  • To encourage the creation and delivery of exemplary learning experiences

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