Code of conduct for students

Code of Conduct for Students:

The codes depicted underneath shall apply to all sorts of conduct of students within the College premises and their off-campus mannerisms which may have serious consequences or adverse impact on the Institution’s interests or reputation.

(i) The student shall be regular in the classes and must complete his/her studies in the Institute and 75% of the attendance is compulsory.

(ii)The College believes in promoting a safe and efficient climate by enforcing behavioural standards

(iii) All students must uphold academic integrity, be respectful to all persons, to their rights, to the college property and to the safety of others.

You must:

  1. Produce the identity card issued by the Institution on demand by campus security personnel and wear the ID at all times when in the campus.
  2. Use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college.
  3. Dress code (wearing uniform) is compulsory.
  4. Keep the campus clean and neat.

You must not:

  1. Intentionally damaging or destroying Institute’s property or property of other students and/or Faculty members & Support staffs.
  2. Organizing meetings and processions without permission from the Institution.
  3. Unauthorized possession, carrying or use of any weapon, ammunition, explosives or potential weapons, fireworks contrary to law or policy.
  4. Unauthorized possession or use of harmful chemicals and banned drugs
  5. Smoking within the College campus.
  6. Any disruptive activity in a class room or in an event sponsored by the College.
  7. Possessing, consuming, distributing, selling of alcohol in the Institute and/or throwing empty bottles on the campus of the Institute.
  8. Students are expected not to interact, on behalf of the Institution, with media representatives or invite media persons on to the campus without the permission of the Institute authorities.
  9. Students are not permitted to do recording of either audio or video of the lectures delivered in class rooms, actions of other students, faculty or staff without prior permission.
  10.   Students are not permitted to provide audio and video clippings of any activity on the campus to print and/or electronic media without prior permission.
  11. . Causing damage to, or destruction of any property of the College, or any property of others on the Institution premises would invite punishment.
  12.  Pilfering or unauthorized access to the resources of others.


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