Code of conduct for Teachers

Code of conduct for Teachers

Teaching is a very noble profession. A teacher has a very crucial role in shaping the character, personality and career of the students.


The Teachers would:

  1. Act as a role model for students by displaying good conduct, set a standard of dress, speech and behavior worthy of example to the students.
  2. Act as friend, philosopher and guide of students.
  3. Help students in identifying their potential and support through counseling and mentoring.
  4. Create a conducive environment for teaching–learning process and strive for innovative practices and knowledge creation.
  5. Observe punctuality in teaching and other duties.
  6. Exhibit decent behavior with all.
  7. Refrain from harassment of student in any form.
  8. Actively participate in institutional development.
  9. Refrain from any type of discrimination
  10. Inculcate human values, scientific outlook and concern for the environment among students and others.
  11. Develop an understanding of our heritage.
  12. Encourage students to actively participate in scheme/ activities of national priorities.
  13. Cooperate with the university authorities for betterment of the university.
  14. Actively work for national integration and communal harmony.
  15. Be sensitive to societal needs and development.
  16. Abide by Act, Statutes, Ordinances, rules, policies, procedures of the university and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and the traditions.


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